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Visit the Everglades...

Take a guided tour of one or more ecosystems within the Everglades.  Rebecca will lead your group on an adventure in Everglades National Park or Big Cypress, through one or more ecosystems highlighted in Swamped in the Glades! Slog through a cypress dome, gaze through tangled mangrove prop roots, or walk through a hardwood hammock, as your students build connections between these ecosystems and their daily lives.  Play Swamped in the Glades! before going on the field trip, to help deepen connections and understanding when they see parts on the game come to life.

Local Watershed & Systems Explorations...

Rebecca will take your students on a hyperlocal interactive tour of their neighborhood exploring one of the following topics: local water systems, impacts and connections to climate change, local watersheds.  By understanding how water moves in our immediate and everyday surroundings, we can understand our ability to impact and be impacted by it on a daily basis.  Have questions?  Email Rebecca to find out what a tour like this could look like in your neighborhood.


Understanding water systems in Homestead:
A hyperlocal exploration of water quality, quantity, and impact.


Ready to start designing your field trip and talk about pricing? 
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Highschoolers slogging in a Cypress Dome

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